- Fully automatic block shapes with vertical building method
  to 5 m height of block, block depth up to 1.5 m,
  block width up to 1 m
- Filling of hydraulic pipe filler and high pressure suction fan
- Steam Chamber, inner plates stainless steel, laser-opening
- Equipment with vacuum system
- 10 "touch screen control panel
- Modem for remote maintenance
- Chain conveyors, block scale and ,available as an option,
  storage roller
- Fully automatic block shapes in horizontal design up to
  7.5 m block height up to 1.5 m, block width up to 1 m
- Front loading by means of a large single or double filler
- Processing of recycling material through adjustable rear panel
  with pressing function possible
- Equipment with vacuum system
- 10 "touch screen control panel
- Modem for remote maintenance
- Fully automatic hydraulic moulding machines with steam
  inside measurement Chamber 600 x 600 mm until
  3100 x 1400 mm
- Evaporation and cooling for both Chambers separately
- Drive by hydraulic unit with 2-stage hydraulic pump 40/210 bar
- Equipment with vacuum system
- Pressure filling systems
- Chain conveyors and storage roller conveyor
- 10 "touch screen control panel
- Modem for remote maintenance
- Optional 2 axle release system and mould injectors
- continuous pre-Expander in sizes from 100 to 2000 kg/h
- inner foam containers made of stainless steel
- tangential steam introduction
- adjustable screw speed
- Version available as Post-foamer SEC for low density Duplex
  pre-Expander with two prior foam snails for low and high
- Flow and dry bed in various dimensions
- Lump Crusher
- Rotary valve and injector blower
- Universal 3-dimensional cutting machines for cutting and
  trimming of EPS blocks with linear moving cutter frame and
  down-cutter up to 6 m in length
- automatic cutting for blocks up to 8 m length with block swivel
  block motion, oscillating cutting wires, rinds away and
  more options
- 2-axis CNC-controlled shape cutting up to 4 m band-width and
  1.3 m clearance height, Cutting length unlimited, oscillating
  cutter frame, DXF Converter, automatically adjustable
  wire tension, vertical loading station
- Permeable fabric and antistatic coating material silos
- Silo sizes from 5 to 65 m³
- Material blowers, piping
- Material intake valve
- Material delivery gate valve with pneumatic drives
- Material control system
- Double silo station for Virgin material and regrind with variable
  mixing ratio
- Precise dosing by means of frequency converter selectable
  regrind screw
- Steam generator with pressure-reducing valves up to
  3000 kg/h
- Steam accumulator fully insulated up to 20 m³
- Sampling systems for moulding machines
- Moulds for moulding machines
- Injectors, ejectors
- Material hoses, steam hoses
- Cooling towers, compressors
- Packaging machines
- Milling machines for slots
- Regrind machines and shredders