Consultation on the planning of your industrial plant

GERMAAT Industrieanlagen GmbH supplies complete production lines for the processing of expandable polystyrene for the production of EPS blocks and EPS moulded parts. Equipment such as steam generators, steam accumulators, compressed air technology and packaging technology for the end products can be supplied. We can also take part in planning and creating the layout for the customer's production site, determining the production data and the calculation of the consumption of electricity, steam, air and water. We arrange the delivery, installation and commissioning of turnkey facilities.

GERMAAT Industrieanlagen GmbH continues to offer comprehensive services for its customers. These include:

- the delivery of machines and equipment up to the place of delivery in accordance with contractual obligations and
  Incoterms rules.
- comprehensive technical support services during the warranty period and beyond.
- all needed spare parts for the machines can be supplied up to at least 10 years after date of manufacture.
- technical and procedural advice and support throughout, to customers and users. Online support possible between
  user and manufacturer.
- The issuance of producer certificates, national certifications, certificates of origin and other documents is being guaranteed.