Delivery of standard plastics

Besides our own compounds we also offer Virgin PP, GPPS, HIPS,ABS, SAN, PC and blends, including stock lots. Material is supplied in original packaging. Certificates and data sheets are available.

Research and development

Our own range of products is constantly expanding through the development of new compounds. New recipes are initially produced in small quantities and rigorously tested in our Laboratory to optimise performance. New products with improved properties are constantly available to our customers as a result.

Contract Compounding

The customer provides the raw materials and a proprietary formula and we produce a compound to meet the specified requirements.


We receive high quality production waste and convert into reprocessed high quality granulates, while adding stabilizers and/or impact modification if necessary.


Modern facilities and equipment, as well as strict quality control, ensure a consistent and reproducible quality. Measurement of material parameters in accordance with standards DIN EN ISO. All measured data are comparable to the values of CAMPUS database for plastics. Specialist properties are tested and certified by independent institutes.