In 1997, GERMAAT Polymer GmbH established itself as a manufacturer of high quality plastics and
technical compounds.

With its vast range of products, the company sees itself as link between the raw polymer providers (the large chemical companies) and the plastics processors, by manufacturing bespoke compounds to meet customers’ specific needs.

The permanent focus of GERMAAT polymer GmbH is to develop compounds with specific application-related properties for injection moulding and extrusion. In addition, to counter steadily rising commodity prices by developing state of the art reprocessed compounds with all required properties whilst offering cost savings.

The employees of GERMAAT polymer GmbH have many years of experience in the plastics processing industry, the use of polymeric materials and their modifications.

Our compounds are produced on modern, high performance compounding lines with:
- Parallel double screw extruders
- Gravimetric dosage
- Additional side feeders
- Multiple degassing
- Optional strand Pelletizer or Underwater pelletizing system
- Melt filtration
- Granulate screening
- Metal detecting