In addition to the manufacture and supply of its own high quality plastic compounds, GERMAAT polymer GmbH offers its customers numerous services, such as: Delivery of standard grade commodity polymers
Research and development
Toll Compounding
In 1997, GERMAAT polymer GmbH established itself as a manufacturer of high quality plastics and technical compounds. With its vast range of products, the company sees itself as link between the raw polymer providers (the large chemical companies) and the plastics processors, by manufacturing bespoke compounds to meet customers’ specific needs. read more...
Granule forms
Cylindric Round Micro Our standard granule is a cylindrical pellet with a diameter of 3mm and a pellet length from 3 to 4 mm. However, both the diameter and length can be altered on request or produced within a different tolerance range read more...
The manufactured compounds are packaged immediately from the production line and can be offered in:
- PE valve bags, net 25 kg, stacked on pallets
  up to 1250kg and machine shrink-wrapped
- Octabins with a material quantity
  from 500 kg to 1250 kg
- Big bags with a material quantity
  from 500 kg to 1250 kg

Packaging in cartons, box pallets with airliners and other types are possible on request. We can also store orders in our warehouse awaiting call-off.