The production of plastic granulates, regranulates, compounds and composites is the result of a very complex production process. The rheological and physiochemical properties of the used polymers, additives, fillers and pigments in conjunction with the technical equipment and process parameters determine the recoverable material properties and the optical appearance of plastic compounds and plastic parts produced from them.

GERMAAT Industrieanlagen GmbH serves as a project consultant and supplier of equipment for the production of plastic compounds through the following activities:

- Selection of process-optimized single- and twin- screw

- Design and optimization of screw geometries

- Development and supply of material conveying systems for
  granular and powdered materials, as well as for fibre

- Selection and delivery of gravimetric dosage strengths of
  individual components and the entire formula of compounds

- Design and delivery of extrusion tools, strand cooling and
  strand drying

- Delivery of Granulators with one-sided and two-sided rotor
  bearings as well as cutting rotors in different grades

- Grading sieves for screening out of excess grain sizes and fine
  elements in the granules in the form of round seven
  machines or vibrating screens

- Bagging and packaging technology of granules